NIXON (1995)
Studio:  Cinergi Pictures Entertainment Inc., 
Director:  Oliver Stone
Screenwriters:  Stephen J. Rivele, Oliver Stone and
   Christopher Wilkinson,
Story:  Stephen J. Rivele, Oliver Stone and Christopher
   Wilkinson based on numerous public sources
Producers:  Oliver Stone, Clayton Townsend, Andrew
   G. Vajna
Director of Photography:  Robert Richardson, A.S.C.
Editor:  Brian Berden and Hank Corwin
Production Designer:  Victor Kempster
Music:  John Williams
Anthony Hopkins    (Richard M. Nixon)
Joan Allen               (Pat Nixon)
Powers Boothe       (Alexander Haig)
Ed Harris                (E. Howard Hunt)
Bob Hoskins           (J. Edgar Hoover)
E.G. Marshall          (John Mitchell)
David Paymer         (Ron Ziegler)
David Hyde Pierce  (John Dean)
Paul Sorvino           (Henry Kissinger)
Mary Steenburgen  (Hannah Nixon)
J.T. Walsh              (John Ehrlichman)
James Woods        (H. R. Haldeman)
Kevin Dunn (I)       (Charles Colson)
Fyvush Finkel         (Murray Chotiner)
Annabeth Gish        (Julie Nixon)
Tom Bower (I)       (Frank Nixon)
Tony Goldwyn       (Harold Nixon)
Edward Herrmann (Nelson Rockefeller) 
Madeline Kahn      (Martha Mitchell)
Dan Hedaya          (Trini Cardoza)
Tony Lo Bianco     (Johnny Roselli)
Saul Rubinek         (Herb Klein)
Robert Beltran       (Frank Sturgis, Watergate burglar)

John Diehl              (Gordon Liddy)
David Barry Gray   (Richard Nixon at 19)
George Plimpton    (President's lawyer)
Lenny Vullo           (Bernard Barker, Watergate
Corey Carrier        (Richard Nixon at 12)
Ric Young             (Mao Tse-Tung)
Marley Shelton      (Tricia Nixon)
Color and B&W, 191 minutes.

1995:       Boston Society of Film Critics Awards; Best Supporting Actress:
                 Joan Allen.
1996:       Academy Awards; Nominated Best Actor in a Leading Role:
                Anthony Hopkins
                Nominated Best Actress in a Supporting Role:
                Joan Allen
                Nominated Best Music, Original Dramatic Score:
                John Williams
                Nominated Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen:
                Stephen J. Rivele, Christopher Wilkinson (I), Oliver Stone
1996:       Golden Globes, Nominated Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture:
                Anthony Hopkins
1996:       Chicago Film Critics Association Awards, Best Director
                Oliver Stone
                Best Supporting Actress
                Joan Allen

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