Image Gallery: The Early Years

Nixon with the dog who saved a Vice Presidential nomination -- Checkers.

Richard Nixon as an infant.

"The Young Nixons:  Home Sweet Home."
A gift by the artist, Charles Wysocki representing Richard Nixon's Yorba Linda Home.

 Richard and Pat Nixon campaigning:     Stone's film shows Pat disgruntled with campaigning and life as a political wife, and according to her daughter Julie, Pat did have problems with the lack of privacy and meaness of campaigns.  However, she would have been far more disgruntled with Stone's representation because she was an active part of Nixon's earlier campaigns doing everything from planning strategies, pressing the flesh, and rallying support behind her husband.  She was slowly phased out as Nixon ran for President. 

We liked Dick: Vice President Nixon & the Press Camera 1952 – 1960

The wonderful photographs pictured above and more can be found at the website "We liked Dick" and show images from Nixon's Vice Presidential campaign.  They are not meant to be mean-spirited as the curator of the exhibit clarifies on the website but to show the humorous and endearing moments that can occur during the daily grind of campaigning.  Nixon never missed a photo opportunity, whether with a turkey, a dangerous lion, or even lobsters!  Poor Pat jumped from one too near to her toes.  The third picture is off Julie (?) shrinking from the press cameras as her parents grin at the camera, and below are young women wearing dresses and carrying parasols with the word "Ike" stamped on them.  The picture is a predecessor to Nixon's later "Pretty Girls for Nixon campaign tactic.  The pictures from the website are supposed to be in the possesion of the NARA, but I will update the site when their location and availability is clear.