Scene Analyses:

Pocahontas Saves Captain John Smith

     Disney has been recently criticized for its portrayal of Native Americans in Pocahontas,
     its thirty-third animated classic.  They intended to produce a film whose issue related to racial
     tolerance and understanding; however, they have been attacked for promoting a film about a
     historical event, even though the film does little that is historically accurate.  One scene that is
     particularly important is the scene when Pocahontas saves John Smith.  This scene is
     important to the use of history in the movie because it is adapted from the historical legend of
     Pocahontas and John Smith, and it is the only scene in the movie that bears historical


(see film clip)

     The children’s movie Pocahontas is an attempt by Disney to promote racial tolerance,
     equality, and understanding.  Most of this movie is not historically accurate, yet an important
     message can still be learned using the characters from long ago.  The first contact scene
     between Pocahontas and John Smith (0:28.34) demonstrates the importance of racial tolerance
     by showing strengths and weaknesses in both characters.  By making neither character the sole
     initiator in this scene, there is no favoritism towards one culture or the other.  Disney also uses
     symbolism in the surrounding environment and music to help support this point...