Sound Bites

Even if history is sanitized in order to make people feel good, there is no evidence that feel-good history promotes ethnic self-esteem and equips students to grapple with their lives.  (Arthur M. Schlesinger 93)

It is an important message to a generation to stop fighting, stop killing because of the color of your skin.  (James Pentecost, qtd. in Edgerton and Jackson 37)

Moviemakers shouldn’t be handcuffed when using real stories as jumping-off places for works of entertainment.  (Kim, in Pocahontas 24)

Let it be said that we told our children their story, and the whole story, the long record of our glories, of our failures, of our aspirations, our sins, our achievements and our victories.  Then let us leave them to determine their own view of it all: America in the totality of its acts.  (William J. Bennett 166)

Movies do more than entertain.  They also teach, whether or not individual filmmakers have such intentions or pretensions.  (Carlos E. Cortes 53)

What happens when people of different ethnic origins, speaking different languages and professing different religions, settle in the same geographic locality and live under the same political sovereignty?  Unless a common purpose binds them together, tribal hostilities will drive them apart.  (Arthur M. Schlesinger 10)

… this is a movie—a cartoon, for goodness’ sake!  (Corliss 59)

The point is clear.  Our young people are woefully ill-educated about the history and basic principles of our nation and our civilization.  (William J. Bennett 161)

Let our children try to imagine the arrival of Columbus from the viewpoint of those who met him as well as those who sent him.  (Arthur M. Schlesinger 15)

Patriotism should be based on the positive things that our country has done, and I believe that there must be some hiding somewhere.  Instead of being lied to, I want our children, and our children’s children to be made aware of the struggles, the conquests, and the downfalls that our country has been through.  I (optimistically) believe that there is a way to keep patriotism alive without changing the past.  (Jennifer Lackner, Lehigh University)

The burden to make this a unified country lies as much with the complacent majority as with the sullen and resentful minorities.  (Arthur M. Schlesinger 19)

History is a lie agreed upon.  (Napoleon)

Disney never intended to write or rewrite history, as they have been so viciously attacked for doing, they are writing about tolerance and understanding, while at the same time they are giving back some respect to the indigenous people of America.  (Jennifer Lackner, Lehigh University)

Every civilization has skeletons in its closets.  Honest history calls for the unexpurgated record.  (Arthur M. Schlesinger 93)

Today, even the very subject of history is in danger of losing its distinct identity, of becoming absorbed in the smorgasbord of this and that known as "social studies."  (William J. Bennett 162)

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