Scene Log

-- approximate times given are marked from the beginning of the film not the video tape --

0:00.00  Ship Departs from England
Crew members receive farewells.  We are introduced to John Smith and Governor Ratcliffe.

0:01.45  Storm at Sea
A young crew member named Thomas gets knocked off ship during a violent storm.   John Smith dives in the water and rescues him.  Governor Ratcliffe gives a speech about “freedom, prosperity, and the adventures of their lives” that await them in the New World, but all he can think about is the gold that awaits him.  The men joke about killing the Indians, “Savages.”


0:05.46  Indian Men Return from Battle
The Indian men are greeted in the village as they return victorious from battle.  The Chief Powhatan, Pocahontas’ father, gives a speech to the village, and he wonders where Pocahontas is.

0:07.41  The Entrance of Pocahontas
Pocahontas is shown on a cliff overlooking the water.  She dives in to meet a friend and is followed by her companions Flit, a hummingbird, and Meeko, a racoon.  She and her friend canoe home to the tribe meeting where Kocoum is receiving an award for his bravery.  Pocahontas is reunited with her father.

0:10.42  Pocahontas Talks with her Father
Pocahontas tells her father about a reoccurring dream.  Powhatan can only think about Kocoum’s proposal to marry Pocahontas.

0:11.45  Pocahontas and Powhatan Talk About the River
Powhatan sees the river as steady.  Pocahontas sees the river as always changing.  Powhatan gives Pocahontas her mother’s necklace for her wedding.  She goes canoeing down the river singing “Just Around the River-bend.”

0:14.57  Grandmother Willow
Pocahontas goes to talk to Grandmother Willow about marrying Kocoum and about her reoccurring dream about a spinning arrow.  Pocahontas listens to the wind and climbs Grandmother Willow.  She sees the ship, but she thinks that she sees strange looking clouds.

0:18.00  The Anchoring of the Ship
Governor Ratcliffe talks about gold.  John Smith and Governor Ratcliffe talk about the “savages.”


0:19.25  The Men go Ashore
John Smith and the crewmen row onto land.  (Meanwhile, Pocahontas is running towards them.)  John Smith climbs the rock where Pocahontas is hiding.  (Meanwhile, the men pull the ship onto land.)  John Smith looks out on the mysterious land.  Meeko approaches him, and John Smith gives him biscuits.  Pocahontas is almost discovered, but Flit flies out to distract John Smith.

0:22.22  Indian Meeting
The Indian men have a meeting about the “visitors.”  The medicine man predicts with smoke from the fire that there will be trouble.  Kocoum suggests a battle.  Powhatan sends men to investigate.

0:23.45  Governor Ratcliffe Claims Land
Governor Ratcliffe claims the land for England as Jamestown.  Meeko steals cherries from the Governor’s pug, Percy.  Percy chases Meeko.

0:24.45  White Men at Work
John Smith and Governor Ratcliffe talk about the Indians.  The Governor puts the men to work.  They start digging for gold, and they cut down all the trees.  They sing about the gold.  Governor Ratcliffe thinks about life back home with all of his riches.  (Meanwhile, John Smith goes off on his own, as the men continue to work.)

0:28.34  John Smith’s and Pocahontas’ First Encounter (see essay) (see film clip)
John Smith is being watched by Pocahontas at the waterfall.  He realizes this and goes under the waterfall to shoot her.  He jumps out and is frozen by her beauty.  He tries to talk to her, but she runs away.  He catches her, but she does not understand him.  Suddenly she can speak English and understand everything that he is trying to say.

0:33.04  Mini -Battle
The men dig while the Indians watch them.  They have not found gold.  They spot the Indians and shoot at them.  One Indian is wounded, and they run away as the men rejoice.

0:35.05  Indian Meeting
The medicine man chants over the wounded man but he does not recognize the wound.  They decide to call upon other tribes to help them fight.

0:35.44  Pocahontas Spends Time with John Smith
Pocahontas and John Smith talk, and they realize some cultural differences.  Meeko steals John’s compass.  John Smith talks about London, and they fight over the terms “civilization” and “savages.”  They climb a tree, and he falls down.  She shows him nature.  She hears the drums and runs away.

0:42.52  The Men are Building a Fort
It is raining, and the white men are building a fort.  (Meanwhile, Meeko messes with Percy again, and they run away chasing each other.)  Ratcliffe wonders why he has not found gold.  He decided to use the Indians to find gold.

0:44.57  Percy chases Meeko
Meeko steals Percy’s cherries, and Percy chases after him.

0:45.15  John Smith Visits Pocahontas in Cornfield
Pocahontas is in a cornfield with her friend Nakoma.  Powhatan talks to Pocahontas about her mother.  John Smith finds Pocahontas, and she runs off with him as Kocoum comes looking for her.

0:46.59  John Smith Meets Grandmother Willow
They go to Grandmother Willow, and Pocahontas tells John Smith that there is no gold.  John Smith talks with Grandmother Willow.  Two men come after John Smith, and Grandmother Willow chases them away.  John Smith leaves, and Pocahontas talks to Grandmother Willow alone.

0:50.20  Indian Help Arrives
The warriors from other tribes come to help.  Powhatan makes a speech, and Pocahontas tries to persuade him not to fight, but to talk.

00:51.34  Percy and Meeko Fight Again
Percy and Meeko fight, and Percy gets trapped in a log.

0:52.03  Men at Fort
John shows Thomas how to shoot when he gets back to the fort.  Ratcliffe talks about battle, and John tries to talk them out of it.  Ratcliffe tries to rally them against the Indians, and John tells them that there is no gold.

0:53.44  Pocahontas and Nakoma
Nakoma tries to talk Pocahontas out of seeing John Smith, but she goes anyway.

0:54.24  John Smith Sneaks Away
John Smith sneaks off to see Pocahontas, and Ratcliffe has Thomas follow him.

0:55.27  Nacoma and Kocoum
Nacome tells Kocoum the Pocahontas has gone off to see John Smith.

0:55.46  Kocoum is Killed
Pocahontas talks with Grandmother Willow.  John Smith comes to talk to Pocahontas.  Percy enters and fights with Meeko.  Grandmother Willow shows them the ripples in the water and tries to talk them into trying to stop the fighting.  They leave to talk to Powhatan, and they kiss.  Kocoum and Thomas are watching.  Kocoum charges John Smith, and Thomas kills Kocoum.  Pocahontas’ necklace is ripped off.  Thomas runs off, and other Indians come and take away John Smith.  Meeko and Percy become friends.


1:00.10  John Smith is Captured
Kocoum’s body and John Smith are brought to Powhatan.  Pocahontas tries to plead with her father.  Nakoma apologizes to Pocahontas, and they go to see John Smith tied up.

1:02.42  Rallying up the White Men
Thomas gets back at fort and tells men that John was captured.  Ratcliffe rallies up the men for battle.

1:04.00  Rallying up the Indian Men
Powhatan and Medicine Man rally up men and prepare for battle with body paint.

1:05.05  Pocahontas Sees the Compass
Pocahontas is with Grandmother Willow, and Meeko shows her the compass.  She realizes that it is the arrow from her dream.

1:06.16  Pocahontas Saves John Smith (see essay)
General Ratcliffe is with the men.  Meanwhile, John Smith is brought out to be killed.  Pocahontas jumps in between them and saves him.  “Savages” sing as the two groups approach each other.  Powhatan agrees not to fight.  The English men put down their weapons.  John Smith is released.  Ratcliffe goes to shoot Powhatan, and John jumps in front of the Chief, and he is shot.  Ratcliffe is arrested.

1:09.54  John Smith Leaves Pocahontas
The men load up the ship.  Ratcliffe is tied up.  John Smith is injured.  Pocahontas comes to say good-bye.  She has brought other Indians and food for their voyage home.  Percy decides to stay in the New World, and Percy, Meeko, and Flit have fixed Pocahontas’ necklace.  John Smith asks Pocahontas to go with him, but she refuses.  He offers to stay, but she knows that he must leave to survive.  They kiss, and the men take him away.  The anchor is lifted and the ship sails away.  Pocahontas runs to the high point and watches the boat leave.  John Smith waves good-bye in Indian.

1:15.00 The End

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