Studio:  Walt Disney
Directors:  Mike Gabriel, Eric Goldberg
Screenplay:  Carl Binder, Susannah Grant, Philip LaZebnik
Story:  Tom Sito
Producer:  James Pentecost
Music:  Alan Menken
Original Score / Lyrics:  Alan Menken / Stephen Schwartz
Art Director:  Michael Giaimo
Editor:  H. Lee Peterson
Artistic Supervisors:
    Layout:  Rasoul Azadani
    Background:  Cristy Maltese
    Story:  Tom Sito
    Visual Effects:  Don Paul
    Computer Graphics Imagery:  Steve Goldberg
Cast:  Mel Gibson  (voice of Captain John Smith)
          Irene Bedard  (voice of Pocahontas)
          Judy Kuhn  (voice of singing Pocahontas)
          Russell Means  (voice of Chief Powhatan)
          David Ogden Stiers (voice of Governor Ratcliffe)
          Danny Mann  (voice of Percy [pug])
          Jon Kassir  (voice of Meeko [coon])
          Frank Welker  (voice of Flit [humming bird])
          Linda Hunt  (voice of Grandmother Willow)

Animated, Color, 81 minutes.

Copyright (c) 1999 by Jennifer Lori Lackner, Undergraduate at Lehigh University.

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