The opening scene is dark.  A man sits in black, mysterious, mean, eyes of a hawk, cool and collected, sipping his steaming coffee, and smoking his cigar.  Through the darkness a hazy light intends to illuminate the truth of a man whose life has been portrayed as legendary.  Wyatt Earp successfully chronicles the momentous events of Wyatt’s life, beginning as a young boy proceeding to adulthood.  We are taken for a roller coaster ride, with the highs and lows of Wyatt Earp’s life.  For the first time in the many screen versions, Wyatt’s life is successfully and completely revealed through his mind, drama, gunfights, friends, and family.  Do lawless times call for lawless justice?  The movie identifies more than a man perceived as a legendary lawman but also accurately depicts a murderer, drunk, and thief.  Wyatt Earp does not stop after the O.K. Corral, for the same reason that Wyatt’s life adventures did not stop after the famous gunfight.  This movie introduces a more completed chronology of a man known in history as Wyatt Earp.

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