Sound Bites

No, No.  Lying 's when you believe it's true.  If you already know it's a lie, then it's not lying.  (Sam Shepard,  Fool For Love)

I'll believe the truth; it's less confusing.  (Sam Shepard,  Fool For Love)

The nature of Western locations tends to breed an environment of threat and counterthreat, in which conflict along sharply delineated moral lines is all but inevitable.  (Solomon xx)

Wyatt Earp is truer to the messy historical facts than any previous Earp film, but it's lifeless.  Loading us down with facts, it presents very little of what Earp's life might have meant and finally has nothing important to say.  (Faragher xx)

It's always simplicity that you should go after.  (John Ford, qtd.in Faragher xx)

Dodge may not have killed it, but motion pictures have kept Tombstone alive and part of American popular culture for than a century.  (Tefertiller xx)

It is a trait of human nature that many people believe the "inside story" over the facts, whether or not there is a basis for the inside story.  (Tefertiller xx)

It is a classical American story: The town complains about crime, the police overreact, and the citizenry turns against the law enforcers.  It has been played out time and again in U.S. history, and the pattern keeps repeating.  (Tefertiller xx)

I am sure that if the story were exploited on the screen by you, it would do much toward setting me right before a public, which has always been fed up on lies about me. (Wyatt Earp, qtd. in Terfertiller xx)

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