Key Passages

-- approximate times given are marked from the beginning of the film not the video tape --

Tape I

0:06:50  Wyatt Shoots the Moon
Young Wyatt plays with rifle.  ďPitshuuu."  Wyatt fires gun.  "Pitshuuu,  Pitshuuuu, Come on Johnny RipÖPitshuuuu, Pitshuuuu."  Wyatt Aims and Shoots Moon, "Pitshuuuuuu.Ē

0:10:00  Nicholas Earp
Your mother thinks thereís something wrong with me.  She says thereís something in my blood that wonít allow me to stay put.  Well, she might be right.  If sheís lucky, I havenít passed it on to you.  Weíll see, but for this family time has come to move on again.  To the west of here is vast expanse, untamed territory full of wild Indians, and countless dangers.  But beyond that wilderness lies a land with great promise where civilization has flourished for hundreds of years.  Weíll go to California.  See what we can make aí that place.

Martha:  "But why Pa?"

Nicholas:  "More Opportunities for lawyers out there and still rich land available for people who know how to work it.  In California, Wyatt will study law and perhaps come work with me.  Maybe Morgan and Warren will join our firm."

Virgil:  Iíve already told Pa Iím not going.  Iím going to see whatís available to me here.

Martha:  I donít want to go either.

Morgan:  Marthaís in love with Jimmy Georgianson.

James:  Good for you, Martha.  Heís a stand-up boy.

Mother:  This family knows what it means to put down roots, Martha.  You donít want to go, thatís your decision.

Nicholas:  Well, James says heíll join us, which suits me fine.  The closer you can keep your family the better.  They're the only ones you can rely on.  Remember this, all of you, nothing counts so much as blood.  The rest are just strangers.

Family giggles

Mother:  Nicholas, I think youíve already told them that.

James:  A hundred times.

Nicholas:  Well, you canít hear it enough.

Virgil:  I heard it a thousand times.

Warren:  I herd ya, Pa.  Blood counts most.

Family laughs.

0:15:17  Earps always know
Nicholas:  How you doing, Wyatt.

Wyatt:  Iím O.K., Pa.

Nicholas:  You know this land is full of people doing wicked things to each other.

Wyatt:  I ainít afraid.  I like it out here.  I like how nothing much has been touched.

Nicholas:  I gotta tell ya something, Wyatt.  I told your brothers when they went off to fighting.  I suppose the times come for you.  You know Iím a man that believes in the law.  After your family itís about the only thing youíve got to believe in.  But there are plenty of men who donít care about the law.  Men who will take part in all kinds of viciousness.  Donít care who gets hurt.  In fact, the more they get hurt the better.  When you find yourself in a fight with such viciousness.  Hit, Hit to killÖÖyouíll know, donít worryÖ.youíll know when it comes to thatÖ.The Earps always know.

0:23:22  The Casino
Sally:  Come on, Wyatt.

Wyatt:  Itís the damndest game I ever saw.

Sally:  You canít get a spot now anyways, so why donít you just come up with me for a while

Wyatt:  I just donít know if thatíd be the right thing to do Sally, see I promised my heart to another.

Sally:  Which girl, Iíll fight her for you.

Wyatt:  Itís no one here, sheís back in Lamar Missouri, where my grandparents live.

Sally:  Missouri, she ainít gonna help you tonight.

Wyatt:  I saw her three times back in í63; the third time she smiled at me just right.

Sally:  Wyatt, I guarantee you she donít know what I know.

Wyatt:  Iíll bet your right about that, 'less things have changed in Lamar

Enter Red

Red:  Hey Wyatt, your boy Dutch is Drunk and telling everybody how your gonna take Ed Ross.

Wyatt:  DamnÖ.whoís Ed Ross.

Red:  Ssssh.  Heís the guy who decked you at the fight this morning.  Look, Iíd get a hold of Dutch before he starts some real trouble for you, alright.

Wyatt:  Thanks, Red.

Red:  Sure.

Sally:  I know Ed Ross.  Heís bad business.

Wyatt:  We better find Dutch

Gentleman rises from faro table

Gentleman:  Gentleman, thatís it for me.

Wyatt: You done here.

Gentleman:  All yours.

Wyatt:  How you play this game, fellas?

Dealer:  Simple, friend, place your bet on the number you think is a winner.  You're betting for it lose, trap her with the money on top.  All bets on the spread.  Here comes the turn.  Loser Jack.  The winner is Ace.

Wyatt:  Haaha.  I had a feeling this was the game me.

Dealer:  Haaha. Youíre a winner, sir.

Wyatt:  Could we have a better time than this up stairs

Sally:  At least upstairs Iíd be making some money.

Ed Ross Enters


Everyone gets real quiet and backs away.

Wyatt Earp:  Thatís my name.

Ed:  It donít mean shit to me or to anyone else in this world, and it never will after this night.

Sally:  Ed, this Boy ainít worth your trouble.

Ed:  Shut up Sally!  Earp, I heard you was looking for me to make a fight.  So I thought Iíd be easy to find.

Wyatt:  You heard wrong, mister.  Only thing happened between us is I got popped good and I donít want toÖ

Ed:  Stop Talking.


Wyatt:  O.K.

Wyatt throws and hits Ed in chest with a pool ball in self defense.

Wyatt:  This man wanted to shoot me down, over NOTHING!  He lost.  Iím taking his gun.

Wyatt high on the adrenaline from the show down, keeps shooting his victory gun in the air at the fireworks.

0:44:16  Thief
Cowboy enters stable with horse.  Horse gets upset, cowboy finds Wyatt and kicks him out.  Wyatt begs and attacks Gentleman and steals his horse.

Cowboy:  Whatís the matter with youÖwhat the hell.  This ainít no hotel, you stinking bum, I canít tell you from the horse crap.

Wyatt waves men by him then approaches Gentleman.

Wyatt:  Keep walking.  Pardon me sir, I wonder if you could spare a fellar the price of a meal.

Gentleman:  Your Drunk!

Wyatt:  Well, no sir, not at the present.

Gentleman:  You reek of it and worse.  Iím no in the business of helping drunks.

Wyatt:  Your correct mister, I haveÖI have done my share of drinking latelyÖand I, I intend to correct my behavior, and it would be good, it would be a good start if you could lend me the price of a meal.

Gentleman:  Thereís no excuse for drunkenness or for the self-pity that so often occasions it.

Wyatt:  Yes, Sir.

Gentleman:  Now if you really want a meal come with me and Iíll arrange it, but I wonít give you money.

Wyatt:  Thank you sir, I accept.

Gentleman:  I donít know if theyíll serve you here, maybe theyíll give you a meal in back. -- Wyatt attack him, beats him, steals money, hat, and horse

Wyatt:  You donít know what youíre talking about.

1:09:36  "Wyatt Earp!"
Cowboys are shooting in sky, being rowdy.

Wyatt:  Boom! Wyatt shoots his shotgun in air -- Iím Wyatt Earp!

Cowboy 1: Who?

Wyatt:  Wyatt Earp!

Cowboy 2:  Who the fuck is Wyatt Earp!


Cowboy3:  Could be just some asshole.

Morgan clubs Cowboy3 with a bottle, shattering it on his head

Morgan: Heís the asshole who enforces the law!

Cowboy2:  There ainít no law in Dodge City.

Cowboy4:  Thatís right.

Cowboy2:  Not for the Clemens crew

Wyatt:  Click Click, Wyatt cocks his gun. -- We got some new laws since you boys were here!  Tellíem Morgan

Morgan:  All visitors will check their guns immediately apon arrival.

Cowboy2:  Thatíll be the day.

Virgil:  No discharge of fire arms within the city limits.  Except on the Fourth of July and Christmas day.

Deager:  No riding into the stores, saloons, dance halls, or gambling houses, and no public intoxication!

Cowboy2:  Manny, whatís that supposed to mean, public intoxication?

Cowboy4 (Manny):  I think what it means is weíve done enough talking.

Wyatt:  Nope, means if you do anything we donít much approve of, we get a legal right to shoot you down.

Cowboy 4:  You the one's gonna try it?

Wyatt:  Wyatt walks up, puts gun into Clemens' stomach. --  Mr. Clemens, your men respect you, and I donít want to do anything to take away from that.  Iím sure youíve earned it.  So you and your boys are welcome in Dodge City, as long as you obey the law.  But if you donít want to cooperate (click, click, Wyatt cocks gun) Iím gonna open you up right now with this shotgun so wide your whole crewís gonna see what you had for breakfastÖ.after that it wonít matter much what happens next will it?

Cowboy4:  Laughs. -- Give up your guns, boys, only ones you need now, sitting right ítween your legs.

Cowboys YeHa and cheer.

1:28:15  WYATT EARP
Wyatt:  Letís go.

Wyatt leads lawmen into town.  They enter rowdy saloon, one at a time, Wyatt last to enter.  Shoots gun into air. Boom!   MY NAME IS WYATT EARP!!! IT ALL STOPS NOW!!!

Tape II

0:27:58  LUCK
Bartender: Wyatt.

Wyatt:  Gimme a bottle and glass, will ya?

Bartender:  What?

Wyatt:  Donít make me ask you twice.

Doc:  Gentleman this game is losing is allure. Iím out. Donít mind if I do. --  Doc takes Wyattís drink and drinks it -- If your gonna break the fast, the least you can do is invite a friend.

Wyatt:  Iím not in the mood for talking, Doc.

Doc:  You know how it is with me -- drinks again -- you donít have to do much talking when Iím around.  Wyatt, you ever wonder why weíve been part of so many unfortunate incidents, yet weíre still walking around.  I have figured it out.  Itís nothing much, just luck.  And you know why itís nothing much  --Wyatt drinks again -- Because it doesnít matter much whether weíre here today or not.  I wake up every morning looking in the face of death, and you know what, He ainít half bad.  I think the secret  that Ole Mister Death is holding is that it's better for some of us on the other side.  I know it canít be any worse for me. Maybe thatís the place for your Mattie.  For some people this world ainít never gonna be right.

Wyatt (drinks):  That supposed to let me off the hook.

Doc:  There is no hook, my friend.  Thereís only what we do.

0:38:00  OK Corral
Wyatt enters saloon

Wyatt:  Wonít you give me one those cigars?

Bartender:  Sure.  Is there going to be a fight Wyatt?

Wyatt:  I think there must be.

Bartender:  Do want some help

Wyatt:  Shakes his head no.  Thanks, Clem.

Pause -- Morgan and Virgil enter

Morgan:  They just moved out of the O.K Corral, down by Flyís.

Virgil:  Looks like Ike and Billy Clanton, Mclaurys, Billy Claiborne, maybe more.

Wyatt:  Letís go.

They exit into street, Doc enters.

Doc:  Where the hell you going?

Wyatt:  Weíre going down the street.

Doc:  I think Iíll join you.

Virgil:  We intend to disarm them and take them in Doc.  You understand.

Doc:  Oh, I understand, Virgil, but do you think they will? --  he points to gun

Virgil hands Doc his shotgun and takes Docís cane, and they start walking to the Corral.

Virgil:  Put that under your coat, no use provoking Ďem Ďtill we get a chance to talk.

Morgan:  Hell, Iíve heard enough talk already.

Johnny Behan approaches the party on the way to the Corral

Behan:  Now hold on here.  Donít go down there.  Thereíll be trouble.

Virgil:  Just gonna take away their guns.

Behan:  No, No Thereís no need for that.  I disarmed them.

Wyatt:  Then there wonít be any trouble.

Morgan:  Letíem have it.

Doc:  Alright.

Morgan:  You sonís of Bitches have been looking for a fight, now your can have it!

Virgil:  Throw up your hands.  I want your guns.

All begin firing except Billy Claiborne and Ike, Billy runs aways, Ike moves toward Wyatt.

Ike:  No Frank, Donít shoot!  Wyatt, Wyatt, Na I didnít want this!  No, I ainít armed!ÖBilly, Billy, NO, Billy!

Ike runs away.  Morgan, Doc, and Virgil get wounded, Billy Clanton, Tom and Frank Mclaury are killed, and Wyatt is unscathed.

1:20:47  Alaskan Cruise on the S.S. City of Seattle

ďWyatt EarpĒ faintly heard over crowd

Josie and Wyatt look at Alaska the New Frontier

Josie: Show me where our gold is Wyatt.  Point it out. (Wyatt points)  Right there, well, that doesnít look so tuff.

Wyatt:  No, I imagine we can pick most of it with just a dayís excursion out of Nome.  The problem will be lugging it back to town.  (Camera zooms on Francis watching them, then back at the Earps)

Josie:  What are we going to do with all our money?  Weíll buy you a new suit.  You could use one.

Francis:  Excuse me, Iím Iím sorry to botheróbut are you, are you by any chance Wyatt Earp (Silence) My nameís Francis Oí Rourke, I, I, believe you saved my uncleís life one time in Tombstone Arizona.  Wo/Thatís the story my father told us anyway, many times.  Believe me.

Wyatt:  This is my wife Josie

Francis- Itís an honor maím

Josie: Iím afraid my husband has saved so many lives, itís hard for him to keep track of Ďem all.

Francis:  Well youíd remember this if the story is true.  My uncleís name was Tommy Oí Rourke.  Th-They called him Tommy Behind the Deuce.  (Silence)
I thought so.  I guess my fatherís story is true.  He said my uncle killed a mining man named Snyder in a card game (orchestra starts music)  And this Snyder fellow was very popular and pretty soon a lynch mob had formed.  (As he continues to talk, mob scene fades in, Mob is heard yelling, and seen walking to the jail) They were coming down the jail ta take Tommy out and string him up.

Tommy:  Marshall!  Marshall Earp give me a gun!  For godís sake let me protect myself!

Wyatt:  Tommy, if I hear one more sound out of you Iím gonna help them do it.

Francis:  It seems your brothers were off collecting renegade Indians in another town.  You were all alone.  They were shouting that they oughta just shoot you-- take Tommy with them.  Finally when they quieted down.  You said.

Wyatt:  Nice mob you got here.

Man#1: I said we want Tommy Oí Rourke
Mob:  YeahÖ

Wyatt:  Except for disappointment cause your not gonna get him.

Dick Gird: He killed one of my men.

Wyatt:   And heíll stand trail for that.

Dick Gird: You arrogant son of a bitch.  You think you can stop all of us. (Crowd walks forward and yells)

Wyatt:  (Draws gun and points at Dick) You boys can get me.  That wonít be any problem with all the guns you got here.  But Iím taking ten or twelve with me.  Starting with you Dick Gird (Cocks his six shooter at Dick) and you McGee.  (He spots Harvey and draws another gun and cocks it)  and maybe you too Harvey.  (Crowd backs up)  So if any of you want Tommy and you want me, come up front with these brave men and weíll all go together.  (Dick Gird spits on ground and walks away, crowd follows, music plays and scene fades back to Francis, Wyatt, and Josie talking on boat)

Francis:  Anyway thatís what my father told us.

Wyatt: What Happened to your Uncle Tommy?

Francis:  He was shot dead up at Omaha in í87.  I guess he wasnít worth saving.  Anyway itís an honor.  Mr. Earp.  Sir.  (Francis leaves, silence)

Wyatt:  Some people say it didnít happen that way.  (Wyatt looks at Ocean)

Josie:  Never mind them Wyatt.  It happened that way.  (Music plays, Josie and Wyatt

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