THE ROSE (1979)

Key Passages

-- approximate times given are marked from the beginning of the film, not the video tape --

6:40  Too much work
Rose: I canít do things half-assed anymore.  I got to sound good.  I gotta sound, but I . . . donít.  I just got too much work.

7:22  Being Sincere
Rose: I canít drudge up the sincerity anymore.

8:51  Best Singers in the world
Rudge:  Rose youíre one of the best singing ladies in the history of the world.

10:12  Rock & Roll Motto
Rose: Oh same as everybody.  Hangin out, havin a good time, staying stoned, and getting laid.

11:05  Working for a Living
Rose: Well, honey, if you had to work for a living your ass would be draggin' too!

18:31  How to keep in shape
Rose: Do you know how I keep this old body in shape?  Do ya?  Do ya?  The same way were gonna get this whole damn world into shape, Drugs, Sex, and Rock & Roll!

19:25  Hearing the Blues
Rose: Rose, when was the first time you heard the blues?  You know what I tell them?  I tell them the day I was born.  You know why?  You know why?  Cuz I was born a Woman.

20:02  Waitresses at the banquet of life
Rose: What are we ladies?  We are waitresses at the banquet of life.  Get out of that kitchen and rattle them pots and pans.  And you better look pretty god-damned good doing it too!

30:22  Full of Bull
Billy Ray: The worldís too full of bull, lady.

30:44  Recording
Billy Ray: Iíd appreciate if you didnít record any more of my tunes.  Itíd be different if you knew what they mean.

31:30  No help
Rose [to Rudge]: You just stood there [when Billy Ray insulted her].

36:14  No Hippies
Local: We donít serve hippies.
Rose: Good, cuz we donít eat them neither.

48:03  Looney Tunes
Houston: I think anyone who talks about themselves in third person is Looney Tunes.

49:12  No charity
Rose: I donít need charity off of trash like you.

50:40  Going Home
Rose: Iíve waited all my life to go back there.  Like a star.

58:11  Your Life
Houston: It ainít you so much as it is your life.  Itís a grenade range.

1:00:18  Men
Rose: There are very few real men left in this world.  And I got myself one and Iím hangin' on.

1:10:10  The Army
Rose: Look what the army did to those poor little boys.

1:26:15  Remember me
Rose: Maybe next time youíll know who I am [to the hometown shop keeper].

1:30:25  Rudge as a Savior
Rudge: I loved getting hold of a selfless, hopeless, junkie and turning her into a performer.

1:37:00  The Game
Stage Manager: Maybe youíll end up winning Rudge, but I think your little game stinks.

1:45:39  Alone
Rose: Whereís everybody going?

2:01:47  Hometown Crowd
Rose: It feels real good to be homeÖ and youíre my family.  Thank you for comingÖ I didnít mean to be lateÖ

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