THE ROSE (1979)
Filmic Context:
Print Resources
Custen, George.  Bio/Pics: How Hollywood Constructed Public History.  New Brunswick: Rutgers UP, 1992.

In Bio/Pics Custen discusses the role that film plays in creating American history.  Bio/Pics create a biography but often times add more drama to the film for entertainment purposes.  Bio/Pics are not “concrete illustrations” but, rather, they lead to something more of an interpretation of what the life of the individual or time was like.  This book is an analysis of the effects that this type of film -- the general genre to which The Rose belongs -- has on society.

Other References:

Davis, Natalie Zemon.  “ ‘Any Resemblance to Persons Living or Dead’: Film and the Challenge of Authenticity.” Yale Review 76 4 (1987): 457-478.

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