Jeannine N. Capecci
Memorial Hall
John Dickinson's lion looks out the doors of Memorial Hall in Old West, the original college building.

I am a 1993 graduate of Dickinson College, major in English Literature, where I developed a taste for film study through several courses that were offered there during my junior and senior years. In 1996 I began a Masters program at Lehigh University and completed courses in secondary education.  Currently I teach English and Humanities at Easton Area High School in Easton PA. I will receive my Masters Degree from Lehigh in December of 2001.  I plan to incorporate the work I completed with Eileen Smith Zulli on the Reel American History site in my Humanities classes, as well as encourage our History department to utilize and possibly add to the site. Eileen is also a member of the EAHS English department.

Easton Area High School

Easton, PA

     Lehigh University