B. A., West Chester University (1976)

MEd., Lehigh University (1978)

  This was an opportunity to work with a colleague whom I first knew as a student.  So like Mohammed, I returned to the mountain.

Izmir, Turkey (1969-71)

I spend two years living in the ancient city of Izmir (Smyrna) on the West coast of Turkey.  No experience could surpass the time spent living in another culture.  You quickly discover the difference between intellectual understanding and the day to day acceptance of another way of life.

                                    There were walks along the Kordon at night and days on the beach

Boarhills,   St. Andrews, Scotland  (1971-2)

Winston Churchill said that we were two nations separated by a common language.  For any American who tried to master the intricacies of Broad Scots, this observation was no enigma.  But the warmth of the people bridged the language barrier and made up for the savagery of the North Sea gales. I lived for a year in Boarhills, a small village outside St. Andrews .  It was the beginning of a love affair with the British Isles.


  The golf course is known to all, but ahhh the bowling greens! 

Easton PA (1973-present)  A place of friends and family and students, past and present.