Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Director:  Clarence Brown
Screenwriter: Helen Deutsch
Story: from the novel Plymouth Adventure by Ernest Gebler
Producer: Dore Schary
Director of Photography: William H. Daniels
Editor: Robert Kern
Production Designers: Cedric Gibbons, Urie McCleary
Set Decoration: Hugh Hunt, Edwin B. Willis
Cast: Spencer Tracy (Captain Christopher Jones)
          Gene Tierney (Dorothy Bradford)
          Van Johnson (John Alden)
          Leo Genn (William Bradford)
          Dawn Addams (Priscilla Mullins)
          Lloyd Bridges (Coppin)
          Barry Jones (William Brewster)
          Noel Drayton (Miles Standish)

Color, 104 minutes.

Awards: Won Oscar, Best Special Effects, 1952

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