erika's geeky pictures


valerie,kara, and me after the rocky horror picture show in virginia beach. in this shot, i have recently been deflowered...only hours before, i was a rocky horror virgin.

this is me, jessica, and christie doing a rather cliched charlie's angels pose. we were on our way to the schwimmbad club, where i ended up flailing around by myself in the middle of the dance floor to "debaser." the sad part--i was sober.



 this is the small of my back after a rather momentous event: my first tattoo. careful, kids, they're addictive. i have since gotten two more and have no intention of stopping.

 nik, his ex-girlfriend steph, me, kara, tom, and valerie in front of the IHOP in virginia beach.


 this is me-n-kara all cuddly at some indian restaurant. valerie took the pic. i look all dreamy because this cute boy who won't be named was sitting across from me.

 uh, this is obviously the same indian restaurant and you can now see who the cute boy is. i still won't name him, though.


 adam, kara, and valerie being obnoxious in walmart at around 2 a.m. adam has on his head underwear i later purchased, kara is posing with a new kids on the block video, and valerie proudly displays her dawson's creek fan magazine.

 this is a really cheesy pic of me and valerie in middle school. obviously, we had no sense of style (observe my multicolored windbreaker) and we are still in our awkward, braces wearing stage.


 one last shot of kara, me, and valerie.