Erika Berg

i'm really not the type of person who creates a web page about herself, but I was coerced into doing it for this class i'm taking at lehigh university, where i'm a senior in my last semester. sooooo, for anyone bored enough to read on, i'll tell you about myself.


although i was born in berlin and raised in heidelberg, germany, i am not german. originally from minnesota (which is why i speak like some character in Fargo), my parents had some fascination with europe (which most americans tend to develop after looking around their patch of suburbia and seeing strip malls for miles) so they decided to acquire teaching jobs in berlin sometime in the mid 70s. in the summer of '77, i came along and we lived in berlin for two more years, then moved to minnesota, got sick of wading through snow and chiseling frozen snot off our noses, and moved to southern spain. we stayed in spain for two years and then moved to heidelberg, where i lived for over a decade before moving to the states for college. i was an angelic child who always kept her room neat and tidy. ask my dad, he'll verify. my favorite subject was reading and i sucked at math. i got in trouble many times with my second grade teacher mrs. zacharias, who had a beehive 'do and called us "twerps", for passing notes to boys that read, "i like you. do you like me? circle yes or no." luckily, i grew out of writing this type of note, because, now that i think about it, it's pretty lame.


ummm, i really like indie rock (new and old) such as sonic youth (they're supposedly coming to philly very soon...yessssss), superchunk (saw them once when i was 16 and again last summer on south street with this kid adam) and the pixies (never saw them...they broke up when i was still sporting new kids on the block t-shirts and skyscraper bangs); emo--the get up kids ("TONIGHT, as much as i would like to, i can't put my hands all over you") at the drive-in (anorexic boys with afros who know how to rock it), the promise ring (wimpy and pop-y, but i still like 'em) and weston (they recently broke up, according to some chick I talked to at the bar last weekend); and punk, old-n-new, such as avail, minor threat, and AFI. I also like many other bands that are either too lazy or too obscure or too technologically retarded to have their own web sites.

besides rockin' out, i think writing is fun. although i write lots of poems and short stories, i will not post them on this site because i don't want weirdos and perverts reading them. but, weirdos, perverts, and everyone else, feel free to read the articles i've written for the brown and white (the lehigh student newspaper) and the morning call, my local paper. if you go into the archives on either site and type my name in the search engine, you'll access my masterpieces. if you're an editor for some kool, independent punk rock magazine or even Rolling Stone (i'm not picky) and you like what you see, hire me. you can e-mail me at

i have many more interests besides music and writing, but i'm not going to get into all of them here. they're just really boring or embarrassing. but now that you know a little bit about me, i'll leave you with some pics of me and my pals.