A Brief Peek at a Mountain Dew Toting, Madrigal
                      Singing, Tori Amos Worshipping, Vampire Searching,
                      Concert Harp Dreaming, Vegetarianism Preaching,
                      Bronte Explicating, Skinny Puppy Loving,  Swedish
                      Fish Devouring, Girl . . .

              This is me . . . in a forest . . . pretending to be asleep . . . 


                       Greetings visitor, heaven only knows how you've stumbled upon my little cove!
                       Nonetheless . . . now you shall be dazzled by my megalomania (Maaa-haa-haa!)

                       I live in the middle of absolute no where . . . amidst the good ol' boys with a
                       mouthful of Wintergreen tobacco . . . surrounded by disturbingly cordial
                       opossums . . . flanked by fairly untainted forest (well, untainted except for
                       Wintergreen tobacco containers).

                        When I'm not chasing salamanders out of Skoll cans, I'm sitting in the basement of
                        an Arctic-cold church practicing with The Choral Society of Northeast
                        Pennsylvania. This past season we performed  Bernstein's "Chichester Psalms,"
                        McCullough's "Holocaust Cantata: Songs from the Camps," and Adler's "Stars in
                        the Dust: A Kristallnacht Cantata" . . . that's not "sunshine and lollipops" stuff,
                        my friends.

                        While one wonderful nun at Marywood University made me a better vocalist, it
                        was what I found in a practice room that changed my little musical life: the harp!
                        After one lesson on a concert harp, I knew it was why my hands were made . . .
                        some people dream of having children, some people dream of having a Porsche,
                        I dream of having a concert harp:
                              All hail the great and worthy Lyon and Healy Gold Style 11

                        Yummmmmm! You haven't heard anything until you've heard "Jackie's Strength"
                        on a $30,000 concert harp.

                        My only greater obsession is vampire folklore.  Go ahead, ask me anything!  I've
                        been studying vampires since I first read Bunnicula (the beta-carotene sapping
                        bunny that leaves a trail of blanched vegetables in his horrifying wake.)  The funny
                        thing is that you probably think I'm kidding.  But no . . .

                       With the support of a progressive-minded mentor at The University of Scranton,
                        I managed to base my Master's thesis on a psuedo-homoerotic vampire poem.
                        Try and top that all you gother-than-thou types! (And, yes, I can play Sisters of
                        Mercy on the concert harp . . . and you can't stop me! Maaaa-haaa-haaaa!).

                        That's all for now, kiddies.

                                 This is me . . . near a forest . . . pretending to be awake . . .