Studio:  Paramount Pictures
Director:  Ridley Scott
Screenwriter:  Roselyne Bosch
Producers:  Roselyne Bosch, Marc Boryman, Pere Fages, Alan Goldman,
                   Mimi Polk Scotela, Ridley Scott, Iain Smith, Garth Thomas
Cinematography:  Adrian Biddle
Editors:  William M. Anderson, Francoise Bonnot
Production Designer:  Norris Spencer
Cast:   Gerard Depardieu  (Columbus)
          Armand Assante (Sanchez)
          Sigourney Weaver (Queen Isabel)
          Loren Dean (Older Fernando)
          Angela Molina (Beatrix)
          Fernando Rey (Marchena)
          Michael Wincott (Moxica)
          Tcheky Karyo (Pinzon)
Color, 149 minutes.

Awards:  Nominated, Golden Globe, 1993, best original score (Vangelis)

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