Assignments 3 and 4:
E Pluribus Unum -- Out of Many, One: Building an Aural Narrative

"There are two civilizations involved.  Both of which cannot exist.
Frankly, my view is and I include the Hun or the Germans so-called
in what I have to say about the Japanese.
That is, we ought to exterminate both of them.
There's no place for either of those races in the world today."
-- man on the street, Dallas, Texas

We hope you've seen some patterns developing in terms of the types of responses contained in this audio collection of ordinary American's reacting to the attack on Pearl Harbor.

The rest of the unit will be devoted to constructing a narrative that organizes these recordings in a format that tells an informative and entertaining story about the events.

Consult the specific guidelines for constructing the narrative in "Creating an Aural Narrative" in the Course Documents section.

I suggest you make at least one additional post to the discussion board -- giving us a broad outline of what your narrative will include -- before submitting the completed script for your soundbite narrative.

"I believe that American womanhood, as a whole, feels ashamed and humiliated that our one woman representative in Congress kept the vote to declare war from being unanimous."
        -- woman on the street, Madison, Wisconsin