Assignment 3: Questions and Questioning

 "Jesus says I'm Welcome" is a spiritual, sung by "Uncle" Bradley Eberhard, a work-crippled, 66-year-old African American.  He worked more than a quarter of a century in railroad work gangs and is still proud of his role as singer when the men were laying track.  Now toothless and a semi-invalid, he receives a $1 monthly dole from Highlands County.
What we are doing in this unit is attempting to get you to understand and evaluate the ways that you work with primary documents—why you go to certain places, why you linger over certain texts, why you quickly by-pass others.  These instincts that we have help determine what types of scholars we will or will not be when dealing with primary documents.

So for your last assignment, first I would like you to spend a lot of time thinking about and then posting about yourself as a "Constructor":

Finally, imagine that you are to conduct research in the archive, and construct the research question  that you will aim to answer.

We end the course with a question -- a good question, a thoughtful question, one linked to your passion -- which is where history writing begins.