Assignment 2: Comparing Clicks

 The words are not rhymed; it's the typical Negro pattern, the same line repeated three times with a sort of flip line on the end; and the change is in the tune rather than in the words, for the most part.
            --Zora Neale Hurston, describing the blues song "Po' Gal"
For the last assignment, you clicked your way through a variety of documents and selected a few that you found interesting and exciting.  Now for today’s assignment, I would like you to spend some time looking at work by your fellow Va’ers and to see what they deemed note-worthy.

The purpose is to see what you can learn about yourself and what you can help others learn about themselves by comparing search procedures and selection lists.

So for today, first read all the "discovery" posts by your fellow VAers and post on your observations:

Next, choose one fellow VAer to analyze in depth (please look first for someone who as yet has not had a reply post):

Finally, in a separate post, reflect in a paragraph or two on what your experience in this assignment leads you to think about in regard to the writing of history: