Assignment 1: Clicking Your Way Through

 Jack describes methods of killing the Joe Mows (good luck items, also known as "Mojos," said to be helpful in winning at gambling games) of other players in a skin (card) game.  A Joe Mow can be killed by throwing salt or carrying a frog in the pocket.
            --from "Joe Mows, Witches and Hants"
One of the great benefits to archive courses is that you have a lot more freedom in the way that you encounter and work with the material.  As experienced “clickers” by this time, you all have your own ways to enter these sites, and while you might have adapted certain methods to fit particular assignments, you also have unique ways of “seeing” this material.  Great, and I hope this unit will continue to capitalize on your methods and make you more keenly aware of the way that you search within a site.

For your first assignment: