Assignment 3: The Anti-Chinese Movement and Exclusion

"Racist labor union leaders directed their actions and the anger of unemployed workers at the Chinese,
blaming them for depressed wages, lack of jobs, and accusing them of being morally corrupt."

Now let's focus directly on the conditions that resulted in the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 and subsequent legislation aimed at restricting the immigration of the Chinese.

  • Re-read the essay on “Anti-Chinese Movement and Exclusion," and re-browse the gallery in the “Topical Overview: Essays and Galleries” section.
  • Go to the Theme Index, and explore texts and images from the numbered lists that interest you in the "Anti-Chinese Movement and Chinese Exclusion" section.
  • After exploring a large range of texts and images, select five (preferably representing different media) as the subjects for your blog in the “Exclusion” section of the discussion board.  
  • Please identify the specific locations of the selected items by theme and item number or by direct link so that others may easily view them.
  • In your blog be especially attuned to identifying specific and dramatic examples of 
    • negative attitudes towards the Chinese 
    • reasons why exclusion was felt imperative   
    • pro-Chinese sentiments 
    • defenses of the Chinese 
    • Chinese and American resistance to exclusion.
  • Read other blogs as time permits, but reply thoughtfully to the blog of at least one other person (if at all possible, reply to a person you haven't replied to before and who hasn't received a reply).
  • Consider an addendum to your blog as a result of reading others.
"Eventually, the United States government passed the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. . . .
This law stood in place till it was repealed in 1943."