Portfolio/Curriculum Plan

As part of the wrap-up for the course, we ask that you submit either a portfolio of your work or (an option for teachers) a curriculum plan for a class exercise or unit:

The Portfolio:

It seems appropriate in a course envisioned as a community of responsible learners that you review your own work in light of course goals and present a modest selection of your posts (say, five) as your best or most representative work.  Which posts are you proud of?  Which posts would you like us especially to read again?

So, review the various goal and goal-ish statements in Course Information:
Then match a few posts with a few goals.

There is a space on the bulletin board for your portfolio.  In your portfolio link to each post (see “Linking to a discussion board post” in Technical Stuff on the bulletin board) and provide a brief sentence or so annotation framing your choice.  For instance, “here’s a post describing the most important thing I learned,” “here’s two posts that show me making substantive replies to fellow VAers,” etc.

The Curriculum Plan (option for teachers):

Instead of a portfolio, teachers or prospective teachers might want to outline or sketch a class exercise or unit using virtual archives, or in some way talk about the practical applications of such educational resources.

This could be done in a short, informal essay of, say, 250 or so words and need not follow any strict format for such things as required by the College of Education.  Just tell us about your audience, goals, plan, and so forth.  The idea is for you to start thinking about any professional value your experience in this course might have.