-- Conclusion --
Soooo, he says, echoing his introduction many posts ago, let's get ended.

This is Gallagher again "speaking" for the Virtual Americana instructional team of Paul, John, Stephen, Bob, and Michael -- asking your cooperation in the closing rituals.

1)  Portfolio/Curriculum Plan: the next document here explains this part of the closing ceremonies.  Since this course is an experiment in using new resources, I'm frankly hoping that teachers will take the curriculum plan option and speculate on whether these new online resources might become part of their pedagogical futures.

2)  Feedback: under Course Documents you'll find an anonymous survey.  The information you provide here is very important to us, and I hope you will not rush your responses.  This survey need not be completed all at once, so we encourage you to take your time with your responses and to return to the survey several times if appropriate.

PLEASE  NOTE: If you want to return to do more work on the survey, click "save" at the bottom.  That way what you have done will be there when you return.  Click "submit" only when you are completely finished.

As I indicated in the introduction to the course, we may, in fact, be making history here with the first college and graduate level course based solely on the Library of Congress's American Memory collection.  This course was an experiment, an exploration, and I need to try to gauge whether the new ability to do archival work has educational value or not. Your reflections are crucial.   And, I repeat, the survey is anonymous.  Blackboard batches the responses without tagging the names.

3)  Caption Contest again?  Ha!  It might be interesting for you to return to our cartoon on the bulletin board again after six solid weeks of computer work to see what caption comes to mind now.  You might want to give the caption a course-specific context now -- like imagining that's me talking to you, or imagining that's you talking to a prospective student in the next "Virtual Americana" course.  In any event, here's another chance to have a bit of fun.

4)  Interview?  I am going to try to have the university do a story on the course because it is kinda goundbreaking, and thus I hope you will be accommodating if you get a request for comment from the media staff.

5)  Goodbyes:  awww, you'll find a space on the bulletin board for goodbyes . . . .

A final tip o' the hat to you as you go