Instructional Staff

Grand Poobah:  Professor Edward J. Gallagher

Unit Leaders (all dissertation-level Teaching Fellows in the English Department):
  • Paul Galante: The Chinese in California, 1850-1925
  • John Lennon: Florida Folklife from the WPA Collections, 1937-1942  
  • Stephen Tompkins: After the Day of Infamy: "Man-on-the-Street" Interviews Following the Attack on Pearl Harbor  
  • Robert Wilson: Chicago Anarchists on Trial: Evidence from the Haymarket Affair, 1886-1887  
  • Michael Yellin: "Now What a Time": Blues, Gospel, and the Fort Valley Music Festivals, 1938-1943    
Gallagher is in charge; contact him on top-layer matters of course administration.  Contact the appropriate leader on matters relating to the content of a specific unit.

See the "Staff" section on Blackboard for contact information.  The leaders will post office hours during their respective units.