Course Documents
After the Day of Infamy: "Man-on-the-Street" Interviews Following the Attack on Pearl Harbor
Working with the Recordings

Creating an Aural Narrative

Chicago Anarchists on Trial: Evidence from the Haymarket Affair, 1886-1887

Suskind, "World Shuddered as Blood Flowed in the Haymarket"
          Smithsonian.pdf ( 2072958 Bytes )

 Wischmann, "Remembering The Haymarket Anarchists: A Hundred Years Later"
          Lesley.pdf ( 1581231 Bytes )

The Chinese in California: 1850-1925

The Chinese Exclusion Act (1882): Brief Overview

"Now What a Time": Blues, Gospel, and the Fort Valley Music Festivals, 1938-1943

Evans on Lomax
          EvansLomax ( 49664 Bytes )

Hughes, "I, Too"
          Hughes ( 19456 Bytes )