Chem. Eng. Departmental Professional Activities

Departmental Professional Activities

Chairman (1996-2001)
Professor (1982-present)
Associate Professor (1978-1982)
Assistant Professor (1974-1978)

Teaching and Educational Activities

Developed a Business Plan for the renewal of the Department of Chemical Engineering through the hiring of three faculty members, one each year overthe next three years, and the incorporation of programs designed for enhancing ChE education and research. The University Administration accepted the plan in September 2000 and provided the strategic funds required for its full implementation over the next three years.

In 1996 -97, Dr. El-Aasser engaged the ChE faculty in a deliberate assessment of the Department's Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity and Threats (SWOT) through the ChE 2000 Committee, which he created and chaired. This process led to a Strategic Plan and a Set of Priorities for the Department in the following areas: faculty development; focused research areas and enhancing graduate education programs; and, modernization of the undergraduate curriculum. The implementation of these priorities is on-going, with many successes over the past three years.

Streamlined the administrative structure and support staff in the Department n order to provide the required support for the ChE educational programs, faculty, and all students, both undergraduate and graduate

Created uniqueness in the ChE undergraduate programs via:

- Development of visualization as a learning tool for ChE courses which resulted in the creation of one Computer Laboratory for Undergraduate ChE students and the planning for a major visualization classroom.

- Creation of well-developed minors for ChE undergraduates in areas relevant to technologies (polymers, materials, biotechnology).

- Enhancement of undergraduate research options by strengthening the current OSI Program and increasing the number of summer undergraduate research opportunities within the Department.

- Played a major role in the development and implementation of two programs for undergraduates at the interface between engineering and business and engineering and education.

Developed a Flexible M.Eng. degree program in ChE for part -time students, via Distance Learning, with focus on relevant technologies and the research strengths within the ChE Department.

Developed and taught a 300-level course in Polymer Synthesis and Characterization and a Graduate-level course in Polymer Colloids; taught other ChE courses (Unit Operation Laboratory, Air Pollution).

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