Graduate Research Progress Reports (GRPR)

The Graduate Students working in the Emulsion Polymers Institute write progress reports (GRPR) giving the details of their research programs twice a year. These reports are published in January and July each year and are ONLY available to members of the Institute's Industrial Liaison Program and not to the general public.
 The Table of Contents for the latest issue of our GRPR reports (GRPR 79, January 2013) is provided below to give an interested reader an idea of the research topics currently underway in the Institute. 

GRPR 79 cover picture


Lehigh University 
Graduate Research Progress Reports No. 79
January 2013


  • Redox-Initiated Adiabatic Emulsion Polymerization (S. Wang)
  • Study of Reactive Surfactants in Miniemulsion Polymerization (Y. Wang)
  • Measuring Virial Coefficients of Colloidal Nanoparticles by Optical Tweezers (J. Fu)
  • Statistical Analysis of Nanoparticles in Optical Confinement for Biosensor Application (Y. Hu)
  • A Study of the Electrical Polarizability of Colloidal Particles in Liquid Suspensions (J. Wang)
  • Gravity Induced Swirl of Nanoparticles in Microfluidics (C. Zhao)
  • Multiple-Scattering Optical Binding Force Between Two Colloidal Particles (M.-T. Wei)
  • Templated Growth of Three-Dimensionally Ordered Mesoporous (3DOm) Zirconia and the Influence of Template Confinement on Polymorphism (D. Gregory)
  • Three-Dimensionally Ordered Binary Colloidal Crystal Films (S.-C. Kung and Z. Tian)
  • Dissertation and Thesis Titles
  • Recent Publications


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