International Workshop on Sustainable Polymeric Materials and Materials Sustainability: International Partnership of Science, Engineering, Education, Economy and Society

June 1 and 2, 2016, Lehigh University

The goal of this international workshop is bring together a group of 60 – 100 participants from industry, academia and government (who are policy makers in the fields of science, engineering, education, society, economic and education) to discuss the topics of sustainable polymeric materials and materials sustainability and to identify issues that we can address effectively as a group. Technical areas will include a diverse area of green chemistry enhanced emulsion polymerization, super-critical CO2 based polymeric materials, biomass-based polymeric materials, and sustainable polymeric materials for advanced additive manufacturing. Issues on the CO2 footprint, VOC and energy impact will be discussed in special sessions on environmental impact. An important focus of this workshop will be to discuss how we could transform high-level education so the next generation leaders in all fields will have a broad and global view on sustainable materials from the material sustainability point of view that is beyond the current, narrowly confined technical focus in the traditional graduate program in materials science and engineering. Leading figures on these issues from the government, industry, academia and professional societies will participate as keynote speakers. 

The immediate objective is to establish an international partnership among the constituents to develop a research and education program to address to address these important issues. Undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows will be invited to participate. Efforts to involved significant participation of women and minorities will be emphasized. After the workshop, the organizers plan to write a report summarizing the new ideas and discussions on the challenges for the field. The new ideas will be the basis for grant proposals to the industrial sector, local and federal funding agencies, such as NSF and their international partner agencies in UK and EU to establish a partnership for international research and education on the topics of sustainable materials and material sustainability.

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