Industrial Liaison Program

About the Liaison Program...

    The Emulsion Polymers Institute's Industrial Liaison Program is one of a number of programs at Lehigh University aimed at developing meaningful relationships with industrial and government organizations. In the emulsion polymers area, close working relationships are maintained by frequent informal contacts in which research results and applications problems are discussed. Such dialogue provides considerable assistance to our Liaison Program Partners and, at the same time, helps to make our research relevant.

    The primary purpose of the Emulsion Polymers Liaison Program is to develop and carry out a broad-based program of fundamental and applied research in the polymer colloids field. In the past, many companies have carried out such research in their own laboratories, but more recently they have found it necessary to emphasize short-term applied research. There is no question that fundamental and applied research is needed. Indeed, many of today's markets for emulsion polymers are based on fundamental research done in the past, and the growth of these markets is often dependent upon the solution of certain fundamental problems.

    Research accomplished in university laboratories usually does not appear in the open literature until 18-30 months after completion. Partners in the Liaison Program receive our results much earlier in the form of semi-annual Graduate Research Progress Reports and copies of completed dissertations and theses. In addition, our staff is available to discuss and review current research at any time with our Program Partners.  

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