Educational Opportunities

Graduate students in the Institute undertake dissertation research leading to the master of science (M.S.) or doctor of philosophy degree (Ph.D.) in the Departments of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, or Physics or in the interdisciplinary program of Polymer Science and Engineering. Students majoring in the Polymer Science and Engineering Program register in one of these "home" departments.

    Programs of study for individual students are designed to meet the student's interests, the requirements of the appropriate academic department, and the student's dissertation committee. Considerable flexibility is permitted in the selection of courses and a research topic.

    Faculty members of the Institute are involved in teaching normal university courses and continuing education courses for industrial personnel. The annual one-week short course, Advances in Emulsion Polymerization and Latex Technology, typically attracts about 60 industrial participants. This course is an important mechanism for developing meaningful interactions between Institute staff and students and industrial scientists and engineers.

    Educational and research opportunities exist for postdoctoral fellows and visiting scientists as well as resident graduate students. In the past, Emulsion Polymers Liaison Program Members have arranged 6 month to 1 year stays in the Institute for their research personnel.

    Various funding sources are available to graduate students during their tenure. Research assistantships sponsored by the Emulsion Polymers Institute may be available dependng on the qualifications of the candidate and available funding.  A limited number of university fellowships or teaching assistantships may be  available. Contract research with governmental agencies also provides financial support.

    The general cost of living in the Bethlehem area is moderate. Most graduate students live in apartments or private housing usually within a mile or two of the university. University-owned housing for married and graduate students is available, although the number of units is limited. Assistance with locating housing may be obtained through the residence operations office in Rathbone Hall, which maintains a list of available housing in the area to assist incoming students.

To obtain more information about educational and research opportunities within the Emulsion Polymers Institute or to request graduate school application forms, please click here to send an e-mail request for more information.

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