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Good Morning (Startup Stretches)

Here's a good way to start the day. While your computer is warming up, do these stretches to loosen up and to get ready to work. Turn on your body, while you're turning on your computer.

  • Relax
  • Focus on muscles being stretched.
Startup Stretches
  • Interlace your fingers, then straighten your arms out in front of you
  • Palms should be facing away from you
  • Feel the stretch in your arms and through the upper part fo your back shoulder blades
  • Hold stretch 10 seconds - do 2 times
Stretches shoulders, arms, wrists, and fingers

Startup Stretches
  • Raise the top of your shoulders toward your ears until you feel a slight tension in your neck and shoulders
  • Hold for 3 seconds, then relax your shoulders downward into normal position
  • Think: "shoulders hang, shoulders down"
  • Repeat 2 times
Stretches shoulders and neck

Startup Stretches
  • Sit or stand with your arms hanging loosely at your sides
  • Turn your head to one side, then to the other
  • Hold 5 seconds each side
Stretches side of neck

Startup Stretches
  • Raise your eyebrows and open your eyes wide
  • At the same time, open your mouth to stretch your facial muscles
  • Hold 5 seconds
Relaxes face, relieves jaw tension (and makes other people laugh)

Startup Stretches
  • Interlace your fingers, then turn your palms upward above your head as you straighten your arms
  • Think of elongating your arms as you feel a stretch through your arms and upper sides of your rib cage
  • Hold 10-15 seconds
  • Excellent for slumping shoulders
  • Breathe deeply
Stretches shoulders, back arms, and hand

Startup Stretches
  • Shake your arms and hands at your sides
  • Keep your jaw relaxed and let shoulders hang downward as you shake out the tension
Increases circulation

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