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Waste Disposal Policy


To ensure the disposal of all hazardous, radioactive, infectious, pathological, and any other regulated waste or material is conducted in compliance with the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and all state and local regulations governing the disposal of waste materials.

  1. No person shall dispose of any hazardous waste, radioactive waste, infectious/medical waste, or any other regulated waste or material except in accordance with established University waste disposal procedures.
  2. Hazardous materials and hazardous wastes shall be properly identified and labeled according to University procedures. Departments shall be responsible for the identification of unknown waste.
  3. Departments shall purchase and use hazardous materials in quantities that minimize waste generation but are consistent with operational needs.
  4. Environmental Health and Safety will coordinate the disposal of hazardous, radioactive, infectious, and pathological waste.
  5. Environmental Health and Safety shall maintain all manifests and documentation required by Federal and State regulations. Departments shall forward required documentation to Environmental Health and Safety.
  6. In general, departments will not be billed for hazardous waste disposal. However, departments may be billed for the disposal of unknowns and other unusual waste (i.e, PCBs, dioxins, explosives, etc.).
  7. All Departments, Institutes and Centers shall ensure that Lehigh University's Waste Disposal Procedures are posted in every laboratory, shop and/or work areas where hazardous, radioactive, and infectious waste is likely to be generated.
For more information regarding this policy, contact Environmental Health and Safety 610-758-4251.

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