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Eye Protection Policy for Laboratories


To establish a University Eye Protection Policy.

  1. Deans, Directors, Department Heads, principal investigators, laboratory instructors, and line supervisors shall assure compliance with the University Eye Protection Policy.
  2. Each Department, Center, Institute, division or unit shall provide or otherwise make available to each individual entering an eye protection area and laboratory, personal eye protection devices commensurate with the activity and hazard involved.
  3. Eye Protection Areas - Eye protection shall be worn in all laboratories. Eye protection shall be utilized in University facilities in which activities take place involving:
    1. Machines or operations that present the hazard of flying objects, glare, liquids, injurious radiation, or a combination of these hazards.
    2. Hot molten metals;
    3. Milling, sawing, turning, shaping, cutting, grinding, or stamping of any solid material;
    4. Heat treating, tampering, or kiln firing of any metal or other material;
    5. Gas or electric arc welding;
    6. Repair or servicing of any vehicle or mechanical equipment;
    7. Wet chemicals including, but not limited to: Corrosive, toxic, or explosive material;
    8. UV lights and lasers unless exempted;
    9. Handling any potentially infectious or biohazardous material such as blood or other biological specimens.
    10. Custodial or other service activity potentially hazardous to the eye.
  4. Each person shall wear eye protection devices when entering, participating in, observing, or performing any function in connection with any course or activity taking place in eye protection areas as defined above. Persons covered include, without limitation, faculty, staff, students, other employees, and visitors.
  5. Chemical goggles shall be utilized when there is a liquid splash, spray, or mist hazard.
  6. Persons wearing standard eyewear or contact lenses shall cover that eyewear with chemical goggles, impact goggles, or face shields depending on the activity and hazard involved.
  7. The use of contact lenses in eye protection areas is discouraged.
  8. Individuals responsible for assuring compliance with the University Eye Protection Policy shall conduct regular orientation meetings at least annually to explain the Eye Protection Policy and assign responsibilities for its implementation. Records of training sessions shall be maintained.
  9. Individuals responsible for assuring compliance with the University Eye Protection Policy shall correct infractions immediately upon detection.
For more information regarding this policy, contact Environmental Health and Safety 610-758-4251.

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