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Department Safety Committee Policy


To establish uniform administrative procedures and minimum requirements for activities related to Department Safety Committees.


Departments designated by the University Laboratory Safety Committee, Provost, or responsible Vice President shall establish department Safety Committees.

Department heads shall appoint Safety Committee members and designate a Safety Coordinator. The names of committee members and coordinators shall be forwarded to deans or vice presidents each year by July 31. Terms shall be at the discretion of the Department Head.

Department Safety Committees shall meet as necessary at least one (1) time per year. Minutes shall be recorded. Minutes should include members attending, members absent, disposition of old business, and new business such as a review of accidents and incidents.

A representative from each department Safety Committee, where laboratories are involved, shall serve as a member of the University Laboratory Safety Committee. The University Laboratory Safety Committee's recommendations shall be forwarded to the Provost Council or the appropriate University administrator.

Minimum Requirements For Department Safety Committees
  1. Assure safety inspections and reinspections of operations and facilities, including shops, storage and storeroom areas, teaching and research laboratories, and offices are conducted. Inspections and reinspections should be conducted at least once each semester (fall, spring) in academic departments and non-academic departments.
  2. Plan and implement corrective action for safety deficiencies identified.
  3. Advise and seek guidance from the Department Head in matters pertaining to safety.
  4. Recommend and/or develop safe practices and procedures for specific departmental activities.
  5. Assist fellow employees and students to comply with safety and health rules.
  6. Review accident reports and implement and/or recommend corrective action to departmental management.
  7. Address the safety concerns of fellow department members.
  8. Perform other safety related functions as may be assigned by the department head.
  9. Interact with Environmental Health and Safety regarding safety-related issues.

Committee chairpersons may develop alternative methods to address unusual operational circumstances.

Other areas in which department Safety Committees can be effective include safety training, accident investigations, educational and research protocol reviews, and related health and safety activities.

For more information regarding this policy, contact Environmental Health and Safety 610-758-4251.

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