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Hazardous Waste Disposal

Environmental Health and Safety has established written procedures for Hazardous Waste Disposal. The guidelines for these procedures are enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). EH&S has a waste room located on Packer Campus in the Seeley-Mudd Building and also at Mountaintop Campus in Iacocca Hall.

The following should be followed when storing or handling chemical waste in your laboratory:

  1. Chemical waste must be labeled as soon as waste is put into the container. The chemical content portion of the label must also be filled out as soon as waste is put into the container.
  2. The words "Hazardous Waste" must be on the label. Old waste tags do not contain these words and must not be used.
  3. Do not generalize waste such as "Halogenated Waste" . Proper chemicals names must be used and written in English. No abbreviations.
  4. Always keep chemical waste containers closed except when adding or removing material from the container.
  5. Chemical waste must not be stored near usable chemicals. It is a good idea to have a separate storage area designated in your laboratory for chemical waste.
  6. Waste containers need to be in good condition.

Consult the Waste Disposal Procedures Handbook for specific hazardous waste disposal information. Labels can be obtained by contacting EH&S. Call Elaine Kuchera (610)758-4251 or e-mail emk3@lehigh.edu to schedule a hazardous waste pickup.


  • Overall Program Management - Elaine Kuchera, Hazardous Materials Manager (610)758-4248 emk3@lehigh.edu


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