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Fume Hood Use

Laboratory fume hoods are an important tool used to control exposures to chemicals in laboratories. A well-designed fume hood, when properly installed and maintained, can provide a substantial degree of protection for the experimenter, provided its proper use and limitations are fully understood. EH&S developed a guidance document for fume hood use called, "Safety Rules and Practices for Laboratory Fume Hood Use," which should be consulted prior to using a fume hood.

Lehigh University's Chemical Hygiene Plan includes, as a basic program area, the use of ventilation for controlling exposures to chemicals in laboratories. Annual Hazard Communication Training ("Right-To-Know") also includes a review of practices for the safe use of fume hoods. Each individual who works with chemicals in the laboratory must understand the basic methods for using a hood properly and verifying its performance.

Facilities Services has an outside consultant firm survey fume hoods on an annual basis. The survey includes a general check of hood operation and measurement of of hood face velocity. Malfunctioning hoods are repaired by Facilities Services.


  • Overall Program Management - Dr. Barbra A. Plohocki (610)758-3643 bap2@lehigh.edu


  • ANSI/AIHA Z9.5 American National Standard for Laboratory Ventilation.


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