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Employee Training Under OSHA


TO: New Employees at Lehigh University

FROM: Dr. Barbra A. Plohocki, Director

RE: Employee Training Under OSHA Right-To-Know

Lehigh University is regulated under the federal "Hazard Communications Standard" or "OSHA Right-To-Know Law" as it is more commonly named. The objective of this law is to transmit information concerning the nature of chemical hazards that employees may be exposed to in their work environment and what measures they can take to protect themselves.

A key component of compliance is employee training. The University is responsible for making sure every employee receives appropriate training. To meet these training requirements, Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) would like each new employee to read the booklet, "Hazard Communication - Right- To-Know". Also, Right-To-Know training sessions are held two times a semester for individuals requiring additional training on the use of chemicals and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs). Please call X84251 to check when these Right-To-Know training sessions will be offered.

Copies of Lehigh Universityís Right-To-Know Program (Hazard Communication Program) can be obtained by calling X84251.

Also, we are asking each new employee to complete the NEW EMPLOYEE TRAINING CHECKLIST after reading the booklet, "Hazard Communication - Right- To-Know". After the completed form is received in our office (EH&S), a NEW EMPLOYEE TRAINING PROFILE will be sent to you listing the type of training needed, the date training is conducted, and the trainerís signature. The completed training profile should be returned to our office. This information will enable us to ensure every new employee receives training required for his/her work situation.

The completed form should be returned to:
Environmental Health and Safety
616 Brodhead Avenue #197

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