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Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Purposes and Objectives Pre-Emergency Responsibilities Duties During an Emergency
Communication to Campus Community How to Report an Emergency Relationship With Public Authorities

Purposes and Objectives

The nature of potential emergencies at Lehigh University, such as fire, explosion, bomb threats, spills, chemical releases, civil disturbances, utility failures, threatening intruders, severe weather warnings, and other emergencies may require that employees and students be evacuated from the University setting.

These Emergency Evacuation Procedures are intended to communicate to employees and students the policies and procedures to follow in an emergency situation should one occur at Lehigh University. This written plan is available, upon request, to employees and students. Copies of this plan are distributed to University Police, Facilities Services, Media Relations, Residential Services, and the Student Health Center.

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Pre-Emergency Responsibilities

Employees and students should become familiar with the buildings in which they work and be familiar with the following guidelines:

  1. Know at least two exits other than the elevators.
  2. Know the location and operation of the fire alarm system.
  3. Know emergency phone numbers and keep them posted.
  4. Participate in all fire drills and take them seriously.
  5. Learn how to use fire extinguishers. Know the location and types of fire extinguishers in their area. Note: Only those trained in the use of fire extinguishers may use them to extinguish fires.
  6. Begin to evacuate at the first sign of smoke, fire alarm, or an evacuation notice.
  7. Assist with the evacuation of disabled individuals.

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Duties During an Emergency
  1. If fire or smoke is present, activate fire alarms and notify University Police at X84200.
  2. For Campus-wide evacuation, listen to instructions given by University Police.
  3. Alert people on your floor so they can begin evacuation.
  4. Take your personal belongings (purses, bookbags, coats, etc.) and exit the building. Remember: DO NOT USE ELEVATORS.
  5. Congregate outside your building or go to the evacuation site designated by University Police and the City of Bethlehem Fire Department.
  6. Wait for further instructions from University Police or the City of Bethlehem Fire Department. Do not return to Campus or reenter the building unless instructed by University Police or the Fire Department.
  7. Stay calm.
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Communication to Campus Community

The following means of communication will be used to convey information from University Police and/or local authorities to the Campus community.

  1. Lehigh University Network bulletin
  2. Bullhorns used by University Police and/or City of Bethlehem Fire Department
  3. Radio
    B104.1 104.1 FM
    WAEB 790 AM
    WCTO 96.1 FM
    WEST 1400 FM
    WFMZ 100.7 FM
    WLEV 100.7 FM
    WLVR 91.3 FM
    WODE 99.9 FM
    WZZO 95.1 FM
  4. Television: WFMZ Channel 69
  5. Other: LU Hotline (610) 758-NEWS
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How to Report an Emergency
  1. Call University Police at X84200. Do not hang up until the police dispatcher gets the required information.
  2. What to report:
    • Your name.
    • Your location and telephone number.
    • The nature and location of the emergency (include number of individuals trapped, injured, and specific help needed).
    • If possible, remain at the location until help arrives.
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Relationship With Public Authorities

University Police will have direct communication with the City of Bethlehem, such as the City of Bethlehem Fire Department or the City of Bethlehem Medical Services, via the Bethlehem Communications Center.

These authorities will provide resources and instructions to University Police according to the City of Bethlehem Emergency Medical Services Mass Casualty Incident Plan and the City of Bethlehem Fire Evacuation Plan. First aid facilities and shelters will be assigned at the time of the incident.

If a mass evacuation from Lehigh University's Campus is necessary, University Police and local authorities will direct you to the appropriate evacuation routes. Shelters will be designated at the time of evacuation based on the type of emergency and the location of the emergency. University Police and local authorities will convey this information at the time of the incident. Also, Media Relations and Residential Services will be informed of the emergency situation so they can respond to parent inquiries.

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