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Accident Information

All incidents involving chemical spills, bodily injury, and significant property damage must be reported on the Lehigh University Accident Investigation Report. All accidents and "near misses" must be investigated. Employees are required to report all accidents or "near miss" accidents to their supervisor immediately. In the event of employee injury, Risk Management must be notified within 24 hours of the injury. Supervisors are responsible for investigating all accidents, determining the cause of the accident, implementing corrective measures, and following up to ensure corrective measures are adequate. Environmental Health and Safety will assist in evaluating the accident and the accident investigation process.

The supervisor is responsible for completing the Lehigh University Accident Investigation Report. The completed report must be sent to Environmental Health and Safety.


  • Overall Program Management - Dr. Barbra A. Plohocki - (610)758-3643 - bap2@lehigh.edu
  • Worker's Compensation Questions or Concerns - Risk Management - (610)758-3899


Lehigh Safety Resources

  • Accident Investigation Report [ pdf ]
  • Instructions for Completing Accident Report [ word file ]


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