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Disabilities Support Services

Mission and Vision

As an institution committed to fostering the talents and encouraging the personal and intellectual development of all of its members, Lehigh University will strive to:

University Resources

It is the responsibility of students, university faculty, or exempt and non-exempt staff with disabilities to identify themselves to the appropriate university contact person to provide the required documentation in order to receive accommodations. Given the specific nature of each person's disability, “reasonable accommodations” will be determined on an individual basis by the appropriate university contact person.

Resources for Students

Academic accommodations student requests should be directed to:

Cheryl Ashcroft, Assistant Dean of Students, Academic Support, Phone: 610-758-4152

Additional information for students may be found at the Disability Support Services webpage.

Students with physical, chronic health, or sensory (visual/auditory) disabilities who are requesting assistance with non-academic concerns such as mobility assistance, access to buildings, architectural barriers, etc. should contact:

Cheryl Ashcroft, Assistant Dean of Students, Academic Support, Phone: 610-758-4152 and/or Julia Parker, Campus Planning and Projects, Phone: 610-758-4191.

Resources for Faculty

Faculty requests for accommodations should be directed to:

Robert Flowers, Deputy Provost for Faculty Affairs, Phone: 610-758-3165

Resources for Exempt and Non-Exempt Staff

Requests for accommodations for exempt and nonexempt staff should be directed to:

Judith Zavalydriga, Director, Employee Relations and Workplace Learning and Performance (primary contact), Phone: 610-758-3900 or Linda Lefever, Human Resources Associate (secondary contact), Phone: 610-758-3900.

Click link for additional information for exempt and nonexempt staff. Lehigh secure signin required.