Fraternity & Sorority Affairs

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Bystander Intervention

Bystander intervention and advocacy is an area that the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs (OFSA) is committed and passionate about enhancing within the Greek and Lehigh community. With new and dynamic programming added each year, this concept empowers students to be proactive when confronting issues of hazing, sexual assault, inclusion and social justice in general. Using the powerful intervention program RESPONSE ABILITY, the OFSA, in cojunction with other University Offices, is equipped to assist students in feeling empowered to take action and intervene on behalf of their values and beliefs. For more information on Bystander Intervention Programming, please contact Rebecca Davison at

Courageous Conversations

Courageous Conversations strives to enhance student's understanding of societal constructs and privilege and to increase students belief in their ability to engage in difficult conversations, address intolerance successfully, and positively affect cultural and climate change.  The current framework is developed around topics including heterosexism, genderism, and racism.  For more information about Courageous Conversations or to schedule the series with your chapter, please contact Ashly Baudouin at

Peer Values Educators

The Peer Values Educators are upper class student representatives of the fraternity and sorority community who serve as positive peer role models and facilitate interactive workshops for the campus population.  As a student-driven initiative, a group of individuals came together in the fall 2008 semester to develop dynamic programs that allow for open and honest conversations among students on a variety of topics including alcohol, hazing, and bystander intervention.   The fall 2009 semester will be the official unveiling of this initiative. If you are interested in learning more about this group or would like to schedule a program, please complete the request form here

Diversity & Inclusion Initiative (link to page)