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Are you a Scientist or Science Student?

We are currently looking for talented and passionate scientists and science students to volunteer as 2017 PA DNA Day Ambassadors!  2017 Sign Up ends April 9th! If you are interested in sharing your love of science with future young scientists, sign up and let us know!

Click here to access the Ambassador Volunteer Application.

FAQ: PA DNA Day Ambassador

What does a PA DNA Day Ambassador volunteer do? As a PA DNA Day Ambassador, you will visit a high school classroom to present a module on genetics. You are encouraged to go in pairs with another volunteer, however you may go on your own as well.

What will I present in the classroom? Each high school teacher chooses the module (either DNA Repair, Pharmacogenomics, or Forensics). You will present one of those, and we will provide you with a premade presentation, as well as supplies for an interactive activity. You will have a one-time training to prepare you, and to go over the module content. To learn more about the modules visit: and Importantly, you will also tell the students about yourself, and your journey in science.  

How many classes will I be presenting to? You are encouraged stay for two class periods back to back and each period is 47 minutes. However you may choose to do more than two, or only one class period as well.

How will I get to the high school? You need to provide your own transportation.  Many of the classes overlap and so carpooling is encouraged.

What dates do I need to be available? You need to be available for training and on DNA Day. In 2017, training for module content will occur sometime between April 10th- 19th. The date will be determined based on a survey of availability of the volunteers, so more than on may be held. DNA Day is Tuesday 25th April and class times are between 7:30 am – 2:40 pm (you will sign up for a specific time and class).

What are the benefits of being a PA DNA Day Ambassador? Participating in a science outreach program is a fun, great way to strengthen your leadership and communication skills for your resume. Not only will you be able to share your infectious passion with the students but you will be improving the scientific literacy of those around you as well. Previous PA DNA Day Ambassadors have said:

"[Helped me to improve] all presenting skills. Practice makes perfect. Plus teaching something to someone else puts you into check as to whether you fully understand it or not." 

"[Participating helped me] I think most importantly, being able to communicate scientific topics (various ranges of complexity) to a general population/audience is a very useful skill that I know I personally will need in my future career."

"I thought the program was a lot of fun and valuable for both Lehigh [volunteers] and Liberty [High school] students!" 


Are you a High School Teacher in the Lehigh Valley Area?

We would love to meet with you this year! Please sign up and let us know which module would be most beneficial for your students.  We can have scientist ambassadors visit on April 25th. If you are interested participating in next year’s DNA Day (2017) you may also sign up here.  

Click here to access the Teacher Ambassador Request form.


Are you an Institution in the Lehigh Valley/PA?

Would you like to collaborate with us as a sponsor for this event? We are also looking to expand statewide!  Email us or sign up below!

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