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  • students were conscious of trying to achieve variety in their serves and felt it was achieved within their groups
  • nearly 100% of the students reported reading the serves of others in their group before posting their own serves
  • nearly 100% reported consciously trying to make a different type serve than those who served before them
  • half of those trying to serve differently consciously used the five eyes to help them do so
  • students who didn't use the five eyes to vary their serves had thoughtful reasons for not doing so
  • only 25% of the 4-step interchanges in the 3-member groups were completed
  • to a very high degree students are comfortable using my vocabulary to describe the various steps in their interchanges
  • a little over half of the students said they were satisfied with their posts in a selected interchange and would not change them if they were given the opportunity
  • the reasons given by those a little under half of the students who would change a post if given the opportunity show awareness of how to improve discussion and what is better for community
  • less than 50% experienced "weaving" posts even though they were prompted in that direction
  • 75% reported that they felt thinking was advanced at the end of the longer interaction in this unit
  • the reasons given for interchanges not going full cycle were people failing to respond and dead-end posts
  • virtually nobody who kept an interchange from going full cycle by not posting gave a reason for doing so to group members
  • about 30% of the students felt the need to serve better because of the longer interchange in this unit
  • the main reasons given for a drop off in participation were the pressure of other work and going stale