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  • most students are aware of goals and guidelines and are practicing or trying to practice them
  • the meta-week had a positive impact on student work
  • students seem quite conscious of avoiding mechanical postings
  • students show signs of self-satisfaction in their work
  • there has been a significant change in the principles students used  to identify "best serves" since survey 2
  • many students are now using criteria related to value in discussion rather than as individual artifacts when rating serves
  • the students who serve at a "late" hour are making it difficult for returners
  • the criteria for valuing best returns is likewise linked to discussion
  • students were quite conscious of the articulated goals for returns
  • "concern for audience reaction" was a significant factor in making returns
  • students reported "problems" replying to a post containing a mind-blowing idea, to a post devoid of content, and to an ignorant poster
  • irresponsible posters caused severe frustration and group members were unsure how to handle them
  • I was expected to police the irresponsible posters
  • the relation between discussion in class and on the discussion board is problematic for a significant number of students
  • a few students questioned the work load
  • a few students would like more freedom in the way they post