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  • students who missed group work made no effort to give reasons or excuses to other group members
  • a few students did not respond because the serves were problematic
  • the response option documents were being used in a range of meaningful ways
  • but there is a bit of chafing under the systematic rather than spontaneous approach to posting that I am fostering
  • there is minor confusion about the relation between online discussion and in-class discussion
  • 3/4's of the students reported a difference in their posts in this unit
  • students are using my vocabulary
  • the value of contributing variety to the group shows up as the main reason students feel satisfied with the changes in their posts
  • 3/4's of the students reported that the returns they made had improved
  • 1/2 of the students reported that the returns they received had improved
  • references to collaborative learning and community have noticeably increased
  • a few conversion experiences were reported