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This third survey was also given in week 3, the "meta-week" after the first unit in the course, on The Awakening.  The students were responsible for posting once each class -- that is, three times during the week -- and for reading all the other posts.  In this survey I asked the students to comment on the three posts that they did on that novel, that is, to comment on their first three serves.


(click here for a summary of all student responses as well as my commentary)

Good people: take a look at your posts for 8/29, 9/1, and 9/3 (not 9/5, that was a different kind of post).  Some of you did those 3 posts, some of you none (in which case, no sense you doing this survey -- as a penalty, buy us doughnuts the next time we do group work).  But most of you did at least 2 posts, so that you have some variety to work with.  What approach did you take in whatever number of posts that you did?  Remember my racquetball analogy from class.  How would you describe the "serves" that you made?  Were they all the same or similar?  Was there a different approach from post to post?  If there was difference, can you reflect on why?  My strong suggestion is that you use the "five eyes" as your guide.  Try to describe each of your posts in terms of one or more of the "five eyes."  It is possible, even likely, that one post might contain elements of more than one "eye."  If so, identify them, but also make a judgment about which one you would say predominates.  The purpose of this exercise is to make you conscious of your own posting pattern and to make you conscious of the nature of your contribution to group thinking.