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The Epiphanies

What did I learn as I went?  What did I realize during the process that I hadn't before?  Did I discover anything I hadn't expected?   Did I change my mind along the way?
  • I had originally planned to focus on response options in the project, and it was not until the very eve of class that I realized that I was overlooking guidance about how to begin discussion -- and formulated the "five eyes."
  • In the very first unit I realized that my thinking in regard to the "five eyes" and the response options was incomplete, that I needed to add the dimension of writing socially in order to provide a comprehensive framework  for discussion board work.
  • I gradually realized that I needed to be more careful in describing the goal of each eye as something to be achieved at the end of, as the product of discussion, not something to be delivered in one-shot in the beginning.  This goes along with the need to write socially.
  • I gradually realized that discussion board writing had to be conscious not spontaneous as I described it in my original guidelines and initially promoted it in class.  This required a basic change in my thinking about how to describe the method I was teaching.
  • I "outted" my obsession with community during in-class sermons, pep-talks, exhorta, and rants.  I discovered that creating community was the root of this project.  And I discovered I was not always sane in speaking on this topic.
  • My method eliminated my presence on the discussion board, and I sorely missed the "action."  I hadn't foreseen how much my approach would take me "out" of the engaging interactions with students that make teaching exciting for me.