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The Benefits

What did I get out of this project?  What value was there in this project for me?  What of worth do I take away from that intense semester's work?
  • the undeniable and unabashed gratification of seeing virtually all the students respond to my experiment to improve their work in such a highly positive manner
  • the satisfaction of knowing that I have a method (surely to undergo revision, surely to evolve) for improving the discussion board
  • the development of handouts and models and ideas for exercises (also all surely to evolve) that will provide the practical basis for my implementation of this method in the future
  • the slow, sustained practice in analyzing post after post, both alone and in relation to others, that has enabled me to develop deeper knowledge of student behavior on the discussion board, a sharper vocabulary for describing it, a better sense of what works and what doesn't, and practical advice to help students improve                        
  • the concrete results of a body of experience that might prove helpful for other faculty to bounce off as they experiment with improving the discussion board in their own various ways